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Maximiliano Micheli
Senior Consultant



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Bachelor of Science in Economics - National University of Cordoba

Data Science Certificates: R Programming, Spatial Analytics in R, Advanced Econometrics in R, Data Science in Python

Applied Benefit: Cost Analysis - University of Western Australia

Agile Product Ownership


Data strategy
Analytics and insights

Process automation

Data wrangling

Date upskilling

Economic and financial evaluation 

Maximiliano, an economist with over five years of experience, excels in data analytics and economics. Proficient in R, Python, SQL, Power BI, and Excel, he demonstrates a strong foundation in coding, statistics, and economics. Maximiliano's expertise lies in streamlining operations and delivering data-driven insights, thanks to his strong problem-solving skills and analytical acumen. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering value, he is a dynamic team player who is always eager to acquire new skills, making him an asset in the consulting field.

Notably, he managed information systems and led interdisciplinary teams at the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. His strong problem-solving skills and keen eye for detail, coupled with a commitment to delivering value, make him a dynamic asset in consulting. Maximiliano's data analytics expertise and ability to drive data-driven decision-making position him as a valuable contributor to consulting projects.



In this report, we have explored the socio-economic development of Western Sydney from 2016 to 2021.


We highlight changes in levels of disadvantage in historically underrepresented communities across Australia. By analysing the Australian Bureau of Statistics' SEIFA rankings, we reveal a significant rise in relative disadvantage within Western Sydney. This underscores the need for targeted intervention and support.

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