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Our Digital Solutions team brings together qualifications and experience in data science, network engineering, economics, and agile project management methods with proven data analytics capability.

Our team excels in utilising traditional and modern techniques to manipulate data sources at scale, providing valuable insights to clients' challenges through a combination of technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Data strategy

  • Data strategy

  • Stakeholder engagement and communication

Analytics and insights

  • Data analysis

  • Spatial analysis

  • Reporting dashboards

Process automation

  • Process automation

  • Reporting automation

  • Machine learning

Data wrangling

  • Data collection

  • Data management

Data upskilling

  • Team training

  • Process documentation

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State Infrastructure Strategy Data Analytics Services

We provided rapid spatial data analytics support and quantitative data analysis and visualisations. This included aggregation, analysis and management of multiple spatial and non-spatial data sources across domains.

Service leads

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Edward Chan



Beau Seymour


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