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Genevieve Bailey





Bachelor of Commerce - Monash University

Bachelor of Economics - Monash University

Prince 2 Practitioner in Project Management


Strategy and prioritisation
Business case delivery and assurance
Program development and coordination
Operational improvement

Genevieve is Hadron Group’s Victorian Lead, and brings experience providing strategic, commercial and financial advice to her clients, with a decade of experience across various sectors, including transport, water, health, education and the circular economy. 
Genevieve has expertise across strategy development, prioritisation and frameworks, business case development, governance and assurance, prioritisation frameworks, commercial analysis and financial modelling.

This experience allows Genevieve to provide comprehensive and effective solutions that supports evidence-based decision-making for complex problems. 



Placemaking is becoming more important as every day Australians expect a better standard of living and want more from public investments. Recent years have seen a pivot in the way we live, move and interact. Accordingly, governments are redefining their future vision for mobility, with placemaking becoming increasingly integrated.

This report details our engagement with industry professionals across Australia and New Zealand to understand the different approaches for integrating mobility and place, and the challenges they face.

Aerial View of a Houses

Outcomes Frameworks are an effective tool to support organisations and programs articulate the positive impact they aspire to deliver and track performance. They look across teams and time horizons to provide to guide decision making, promote a common culture, strengthen partnerships, and embed accountability and transparency. 

This presentation looks at how outcomes frameworks can be used in different contexts, the benefits they can provide and outlines the key considerations for getting outcomes frameworks right. 

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