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Charlotte Chaplin
Business Manager





Bachelor of Science (Honours) Sports Therapy - University of Birmingham

Business Process Design and Implementation Certificate


Strategy and prioritisation
Program development and coordination
Operational improvement
Analytics and insights

Charlotte is a dedicated professional renowned for her expertise in executive-level support and administrative management. With a scientific mindset and a strong data proficiency, she consistently identifies and innovatively resolves complex challenges. Her exceptional skills span administration, customer care, and comprehensive executive support, ensuring elevated office and personal administration standards.

Charlotte's impressive track record shines through her precise coordination of administrative tasks, adept troubleshooting of intricate issues, and seamless collaboration with diverse teams. Her prowess in team management, employee productivity, and meticulous compliance exemplify her commitment to creating a robust administrative environment.

Charlotte's consultative approach caters to clients' diverse needs, underpinned by unwavering attention to detail and a steadfast dedication to meeting deadlines. Her remarkable interpersonal, communication, and negotiation abilities establish positive relationships across all business levels.

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