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Ben Wood



Hadron - Ben Wood.jpg


Executive MBA - University of NSW


Strategy and prioritisation

Operational improvement

Data strategy

Ben’s focus is on leadership of complex projects and programs of work that are reliant on the collaboration of a diverse range of stakeholders and practitioners.

Ben has a track record of leading engagements that involve diverse stakeholders and support different teams and organisations to effectively communicate and collaborate. His proactive approach to clear communication and stakeholder engagement, combined with his candour, drive optimal outcomes from the Hadron engagements he leads.

Ben’s strength is in implementing cultural change and improving team performance. In addition to assisting his clients creating an effective framework and processes for people to follow, Ben is an expert in supporting people to adapt and build habits that align with organisation goals.

Town and city.png

Placemaking for a modern Australia

Placemaking is becoming more important as every day Australians expect a better standard of living and want more from public investments. Recent years have seen a pivot in the way we live, move and interact. Accordingly, governments are redefining their future vision for mobility, with placemaking becoming increasingly integrated.

This report details our engagement with industry professionals across Australia and New Zealand to understand the different approaches for integrating mobility and place, and the challenges they face.

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