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Senior Consultant / Consultant

Team: Data solutions

This is a senior analyst position suitable for someone who is a  great learner who has demonstrated professional experience working in data matching and is able to work autonomously in most situations.

You will join our Data Analytics team where you will help solve problems for our government and private sector clients by analysing data and finding the best way to present this information.  You will be working with datasets from various sources and it would be your job to bring them together, discover insights, and help our clients embedding these insights in their business processes/projects.

  • With support, engage and drive discussions and meetings with clients and stakeholders to identify and map business requirements and problems, and collect data and information required.

  • Cleanse and merge datasets from various sources (e.g. Salesforce, SAS, SAP, Oracle, GIS, xml, or other data sources) with minimal supervision.

  • Identify and document analysis required for each assignment in consultation with clients and stakeholders.

  • Undertake complex analysis on datasets of various scale (from hundreds to hundreds of millions of records) using R and Python.

  • Present findings and insights using data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Power BI and/or Python/R.

  • Setup data reporting process and template to meet business requirements.

  • Complete reports and presentations to assist clients in communicating findings within the clients’ organisation.

  • Actively participate in learning and development opportunities and keep up to date with the latest industry development/trends.

  • Assist or manage the process to prospect clients and complete written proposals, including estimating the effort required to complete an assignment.

Essential criteria
  • An appreciation of professional, minimalist designs to present information.

  • Demonstrated experience and ability to collect, cleanse, analyse and visualise complex datasets from various sources (e.g. Python, R,  SAP, Oracle, and/or others)

  • Any experience with creating new APIs or adopting existing APIs for specific requirements is advantageous.

  • Love working in a dynamic team environment and ability to communicate effectively.

  • 3-10 years of experience working in a professional environment, consulting experience appreciated.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or above, preferably in a science, mathematics, information technology, economics or commercial discipline.

  • Any additional qualifications and professional experiences in project management, design or communication disciplines would be viewed favourably.

  • An agile attitude to work, and a commitment to learn and grow. 

Why Hadron Group?
  • A supportive business culture that is committed to investing in its people and making sure they enjoy their work.

  • Flexibility in the type of work you pursue, the clients you work with, and the way you want to work.

  • Opportunity to work on some of the most complex and interesting projects in NSW (and Australia)

  • A career path that is built around what you want to achieve.

  • Respect and a genuine chance to contribute and define how Hadron Group can offer the best value to its clients.

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